The Labyrinthine Woods Across the Field

                          With Arms Opened Wide   

The tall grass hisses softly as you pass by along the thin dirt trail cutting through the field that leads to the woods. It is mid-afternoon when you reach the threshold of the trees and the sun seems to stand still as it shines golden light on the fields and trees.

     Relief washes over you after leaving the scene of the bazaar kidnapping. Deep in your gut you know you should have gone looking for the kid, but your logic says you would have gotten in the way; you do not know that path like the rangers do. Eventually the thoughts of moments ago get eclipsed by the shadow of the Labyrinthine Woods.   

         A few meters before the Forest entrance you see a monument of a woman in an elegant dress. She has her hands outstretched and looks as if waiting for something. Perhaps you will go take a closer at the monument  later on after exploring the Labyrinthine Forest.

         It is said that the Labyrinthine Woods have many entrances, but the only one you know of now yawns before you with arms opened wide. Branches on either side mingle together to form an arch for the entrance to the forest. The sunlight shines brightly for about a half mile among the trees and then the shadiness of the forest takes over.

        At the mile marker the path you are on branches out into two more paths, one going left, the other going right. The path you are already on continues on a relatively smooth trail, but then goes uphill and ends abruptly. Perhaps you may see a good view from up there.

       The path on your left goes straight down and appears riddled with stones and roots. It may be very treacherous. Yet it may be worth exploring for if nothing else than to know where it goes.

     The path on the right goes uphill. You have explored this path before to an extent: it goes gradually uphill for about a mile and then flattens out and descends to meet a noisy stream. There is a bridge that crosses it but you do not know where it goes once across the bridge.  

***This is the crossroads where paths are woven,
Now is the place of a road newly chosen. **

      *Go Straight and See the View

      * Go Left and See Unexplored Terrain

       *Go Right and See Familiar Ground


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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