Hidden Shrine

                          No Seriously, Explore the Gap   

You choose to explore the space between the running stream and the wall of thorn and bramble. It is a tight squeeze but you make it through.

     You find a dry hole six feet by eight feet made entirely of roots but it is sturdy enough to hold you. At the far wall is a shrine, a statue made of woven roots to make a face of an old man. There is a ring with five spaces that surrounds the man’s neck like a wall trophy. Below the statue is a scroll with a note. You manage to read the horrible writing:

        If you read this, you have vanquished the Forest Fettre that guards this stream and have recovered the jewel she has guarded.

      If you have done this, well done; but there are four more jewels just like it. Recover these jewels and unlock this prison wall; I am trapped within and require your help to escape before time escapes me.

       The statue is a lock to a door; it requires five jewels to unlock it and you have one. Each empty space where the jewel should go has a shape. The pearl you have fits onto a peg shaped like a triangle, but there are other shapes: circle, square, hexagon, and the last one looks like a medieval castle.    

Now you must find the remaining four jewels and return here to free whoever is trapped within.

However, when you make lots of noise there is no evidence that whoever wrote this is still alive. Time may have already gotten to the prisoner. But how do you know that this prisoner is not already escaped? If so, then there should be a noticable sign of damage to the structure, perhaps on the other side of this wall.

Other thoughts come to you: The writer of the scroll never says why he or she is inprisoned. There might be a good reason why there is such an elaborate key device made for a prisoner: perhaps the forest fettre was used by the rangers to guard something sinister, but it is unlikely that something evil would guard something evil, right?

 **This is the crossroads where paths are woven,
Now is the place of a road newly chosen. *

     *Cross the Stream and Find the Jewels

        * Break through the Shrine Prison


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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