Beyond the Shrine

          Shrine Demolition

You manage to find the other side of the shrine is intact: a wall of roots and thorns. You manage to tear through the dry rope-like wall and enter the prison of the shrine.

      Inside is a dirt floor, a glass cup of water long since polluted with dust, food so moldy it is unrecongizable… and a thick hard-back book.

     The book is gold-covered; in shiny red letters the title reads Beyond This Cover. A most peculiar name for a big book. It must be at least 1000 pages: what could be the subject of a book called Beyond This Cover?

     **This is the crossroads where paths are woven,
Now is the place of a road newly chosen. *

      *Open the Book

       *Leave It Alone


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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