Take Jewel

                                  I’ll Take It but, I Don’t Want It!

You decide to take the diamond and be on your way: the lady seems to be in her own world and better left alone.

         You walk up to the pillar, grab the jewel, and are about to march out of the clearing when you hear rumbling. Behind you the pillar rises out of the ground as if great gears and wheels were turning beneath the earth. The pillar rises until it has become a huge tower, six feet across and at least two stories high. There is a door at the very bottom which opens; inside is a book entitled, Lullabies of Terrible Unpredictability. What a strange title! There is a lock on the cover. A sudden ticking has begun: it comes from the jewel. You also find a note written in stone on the inside wall of the tower door:

        Unlock the Book with a Key
        Read the Diamond a Lullaby
        Preserve the Forest

It sounds generic. 

        The lady is suddenly by your side. Her face is still hidden in a black shroud but instead of terror, as from the Fettre, you sense kindness about her.

     “The jewel is like an alarm clock and the book is its off switch; the book needs a key to be opened,” she says. “Otherwise it cannot be read and the jewel cannot be pacified. If it is not at peace, then the whole forest will awaken, and it is best left asleep.”

        “Then where do I find this key?” you ask.

    “You must choose from one of the three keys that I protect; only one will be cool enough to touch.”

       The lady shows you her fire that she has been tending. Within the flames of the campfire are three keys dangling on red-hot metal wire; the keys themselves are gold and do not heat as easily. There are no markings on any of the keys except for numbers 1, 2, and 3. Otherwise there is nothing special about them: if there is no hint on which one to take, then you must guess………

* **This is the crossroads where paths are woven,
Now is the place of a road newly chosen. **

*Choose Key #1

*Choose Key #2

*Choose Key #3


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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