Moonlit Party Refused

                                   Baby, I Gotta Refuse

You refuse the Lady’s invitation to her moonlight party. The woman is for a moment saddened by it, but then turns and joins her other guests. You see them smile and laugh as she approaches them; yet it is as looking at ghosts or memories. It does not feel right as you watch them talk, dance, and eat and drink all within this clearing of tall grass with dark woods surrounding the area.

    Suddenly you are torn from the sight as if from a deep sleep and brought back to the woods three feet from the burning hut; Do Not Open falls to the ground out of your reach.The Marb has finally overcome the wall of fire and now has you pinned on your back with his blades crossed on your neck. The Marb only looks at you for a second, opens his mouth to expose huge canines, closes them over your face, and then it is over.

                                     * * *

    The half-eaten body of a hiker is found deep in the woods a few days later by trespassing bicyclers. Authorities arrive and are quite shocked at how the victim died; a brutal but quick chomp to the face followed by deep slash marks to the neck. Animal hair and markings are found near the body but they are not like any animal known in the Park. After a week long investigation, nothing comes up, except for a mysterious yellow, hard-backed book entitled, in shiny blue letters: Do Not Open. The book is taken as evidence and studied, yet no answers have yet to surface.

          *You have died and thus have ended the Hike in the Park. Yet this doesn’t have to be the end: go back to the previous page, or go back to make things right, or perhaps a safer place, see a view, or go way back.


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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