Moonlit Party Accepted

                                     Catch Some Moonrays

     You accept the Lady’s invitation and join her moonlight party. She takes you by the hand; she smells good, like nice perfume.

     It is as if you have stepped into a lost page of time, a party on the grounds of some rich landowner: all the men wear tuxedoes and have groomed mustaches and beards while the women are dressed similar to the hostess in flowing gowns in many shades of blue.

     There is a band of musicians with jazzy instruments playing softly as the guests mingle and dance. The Lady in blue finds you after a while and asks you to dance; how can you refuse? It is a slow dance and she rests her head on your shoulder.

     Her scent is at first intoxicating, like rain, and you do not want to leave her. Then it seems to fade slightly. After what seems an eternity her hair seems not as shiny, the smell has turned like sour milk. Now though the music continues you want to stop dancing; you attempt to leave the woman but now she looks at you to ask what’s wrong. You look in horror as the moon has become hidden by a cloud; identity now revealed, the Moonlight Fettre stares back at you. A hideous corpse-like face: a leathery hide with holes for eyes and a thin mouth like a gash in a sack of wheat smiles wickedly. Shrill laughing is heard. Her raggedy brown hair is blown back but there is no wind; her hands grip yours like iron as she licks her lips.

       The moon is still clouded; you look out and notice the guests are gone; it is all a trick, all an illusion, and now the Moonlight Fettre has you in her grasp. While the darkness lingers she administers the kiss and her prey knows no more.

                                      * * * *

*You have died and thus have ended the Hike in the Park. Yet this doesn’t have to be the end: go back to the previous page, or go back to make things right, or perhaps a safer place, see a view, or go way back.


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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