Jump Cliff

 What, no ladder?

You decide that a direct assault will be better than mere throwing of rocks. You find a long thin branch with little or no excess branches on the side of the trail. You quickly take out your hunting knife and shave off some bark for a nice grip and sharpen a point on the end.

Gripping the staff you run and jump off of the cliff. As you fall you have the staff raised above you to strike the arm in the mud on the hand to make it release the woman in the pink dress. It will be an attack unlooked for and hopefully a chance to rescue a maiden in distress.

Unfortunately the thing in the mud has other ways of seeing above the surface. Another hand reaches out of the mud and grabs the staff as it is about to strike the hand busy pulling in the woman in the pink dress. The other hand pulls the staff into the mud, taking you with it.

It is surprising that the murky depths allow limited visibility. You see before you a giant red monstrosity; an ancient glowing red body builder with a long ragged white beard flowing with the current. He is standing on a pillar or building whose depths cannot be fathomed in this light. The giant smiles long white teeth behind his long beard and pulls the staff, and you, toward him so you see eachother face to face.

Thus you have encountered Captain Henry Mars, the forgotten Scarlet King of the Confederate Fort on Castle Hill. At one time he was the reason why no one dared to take Ft Castle Hill. No bullet could harm him; no bayonet could scratch him in his fury. He would charge through marching Union forces wielding a huge sabor no one else could wield. In his crazed enragement he would cover himself in the blood of the fallen, defying the oncoming enemy, giving him the nickname “Captain Bloodbath.”  

Now after the mysterious submerging of Ft Castle Hill into the forest bog, Capt. Henry Mars waits for when the fortress will re-emerge out of the mud to hold sway once again.  

        “A most peculiar sacrifice willingly approaches me,” says Captain Mars, “Not like the usual offerings to keep me satisfied.”

    The red giant looks you square in the eye and checks your teeth.

            “I do not live on such as thee,” says the giant, “Yet I will let you live if thou wouldst give the man in blue a message: the time for Rising has come! Gather the spheres that look just like this one.”

He gives you something shiny and then you are thrown out of the muck and onto the shore where the man in blue robes stands with his henchmen in amazement.
The woman in the pink dress still looks like she’s in shock.

   The man in blue robes grabs your face in his hands, making you look into his eyes.

     “What did He say to you?” he asks, almost commands.

        Before you have a chance to answer he finds the item that the giant Captain Mars gave you. It’s a large round jewel like a large silver pearl. Engraved on it are the words “The Time for Rising has Come!”

The man in blue robes then smiles. “Well then; since He spared your life, so will we. You must help us find the other spheres for when combined they are the key mechanism which will make Ft Castle Hill rise from its bog.”

     You do not know what will happen when Ft Castle Hill is resurrected. Part of you wants to see this turn of events fulfilled. Yet what evil will you help cause in restoring an ancient stronghold?

**This is where trails are mixed and paths are weaved, Now is the place where a Choice is conceived. **

*Help the Man in Blue to Resurrect Ft. Castlehill

*Refuse to Restore Ft. Castlehill


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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