Ignore Your Instinct

                   You do and you clean it up!

      Let the love birds alone, you think to yourself, The biker’s an obsessed fan of this woman and it’s no skin off my nose if he gets himself killed or worse because of her.  

           Still feeling angry about getting mugged by the biker, you watch as he and the woman in the blue dress, whom he released from Do Not Open, cross the bridge and out of your sight. The creature that was the other biker suddenly cringes and huddles back under the bridge.

        Just when you thought things were getting better, you find yourself back on the ground and face to face with the Marb. You see a mixture of anger and fear in his eyes and a tinge of regret finds you.

         You let that punk release the Moonlight Fettre! says a voice in your head, If she is allowed back to her lair, do you know what will happen to the Park? Do you know what will happen to me?

        You could care less of what happens to the Marb, as long as he does not  fulfill his plans to overtake Labyrinthine Forest.

          So what if another monster settles into power? you answer the voice, It will put a balance of power in the Park and will keep you from overtaking it!

          If you think I’ve got a mad aganda, says the voice, Wait until she gets to her lair. Wait until she declares war with me, wait until both sides attack hikers like yourself who do not know or want any part of this.

       With that Everything suddenly goes dark. You wake up hanging from a thread tied to your left foot several hundred feet above the ground in some oak outside the Forest. You notice the fields closest to the Woods: they have become slightly whiter. In the field a statue of a woman in a dress stands tall and proud while a cold mist is spreading away from her. So begins the Moonlight Fettre’s return to power. It will be a while before some unwary hiker meets her and unknowingly discovers her weakness where she is banished for another thousand years. But until then, there will be much sorrow…..

           You have been put out of commission by the Marb to better understand the foolish act of allowing some punk with a gun to release the Moonlight Fettre from her written prison.  Go back to the previous page.



Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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