Stop, Crazy Lady!

 Uh, Just Kidding!

Stop!” you shout to the couple crossing the bridge.

The Woman in the blue dress and the biker stop and look back to you. The Woman’s eyes catch yours and you forget what you were about to say. A chill runs down your spine; there is more to this lady than a mere vixon.

       “Who are you to stop me from going back home?” she asks.

                 “Don’t go”, you say to the Lady, “Biker, don’t follow her, you’re making a mistake: she’ll kill you!”

        “You dare insult me?” the lady asks.

               The chill in your spine spreads to your lungs and suddenly you cannot breathe. The woman sneers through her red lips and flawless white teeth and begins to walk toward you. The biker stands right beside her. A gun is placed to your forehead.

        Laughter is heard. Right before the trigger is pulled, an orange-red blur is seen pouncing on the Woman. For a moment the biker hesitates to shoot. The Woman has her arms braced infront of her while the Marb attempts to bite and slash but he is not doing any damage. It is as if her dress is made of diamonds; no blade can cut her.

         “I was here before you,” she says to the Marb, “And I will be here long after you are vanquished.”

         Suddenly the Woman throws off the Marb, sending him sailing deep into the woods, and runs across the bridge.  

     You are immediately released from the chill grip only to still face the muzzle of the biker’s gun. The biker sneers just like his master and pulls the trigger. He steals the supplies from your backpack and runs across the bridge after the Woman.

        Shortly after the ordeal the Marb walks out of the trees to your body. You cannot be brought back, at least not as you were. Yet the Marb may still have use for you….

     You wake up with a splitting headache. You are in a tree several hundred feet above the ground and thick roots are attached to your body. Trees surround you and fireflies dance all around you. In your hand you find you are holding a perfectly round white stone. It reflects the light from the fireflies and makes it dance on the stone’s surface.

       Across from you is another figure who is also attached to hundreds of tree roots but is in far worse shape than you. His eyes glow yellow and dart to and fro watching the dancing lights.

       “You wonder why you are in here, don’t you?” asks the figure. “The Marb put you here to recover until you could move on your own.”

      “What’s that supposed to mean?” you ask.

          “The trees’ nutrient-rich roots will keep you alive until you recover from your head wound,” responds the figure, “Though you will not be human afterwards, you will still have a life in the forest, and that must count for something to the service of the Marb or he would have eaten you.”

     It seems you have been inlisted into the Marb’s service. Whether or not this is a fate worse than death, or a merciful second chance, remains a mystery. What is certain is that your Hike in the Woods is over, and your Life in the Woods has just begun.

        Due to a gunshot to the head, You have been assimilated by the Marb into his service. Therefore your hike is over. Go back to the previous page and try again.


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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