Accepting an Owl’s Offer

YES, I will subscribe….

      You are not particularly a magazine reader but somehow cannot resist accepting this offer. Sure, why not. You write your signature to the order form and return it to the towel figure.

     The towel figure hoots with joy, so much so that he starts hopping and dancing. Eventually the towel figure gets tired; he splashes his head in the stream once more, jumps into a nearby tree, tosses something shiny in the water and disappears.

       You more closely examine what the towel figure left behind: a small black metal key with an ivory handle. There is a mark of a heart cut into the handle: You wonder what this means.

      As you begin to wander back toward the bridge, you hear a bell ring. On impulse you look for the strange white cat in a lab coat.  Too late: something sharp pricks your neck and darkness takes you.

   You wake up strapped to a long surgical table in a dark laboratory. The mad scientist jumps up on your chest, purring, and stares at you in the eyes. There will be no escaping him this time. The white cat has been placing wired plugs on your head for the past hour. The rest of your body is covered in electrical wires. You suddenly hear a voice inside your head, like a radio frequency transmission:

          Testing, testing, subject number 134, can you hear me?

    You wonder who is speaking, then you notice the white cat in the lab coat looking at you.

          yes, number 134, there really is a white cat speaking to you telepathically. Thanks to the device connected to your inner ear, we can now communicate in a professional manner.

       There is a mirror on the ceiling above you: yes, there is a small metal spike protruding from behind your left ear —–

       Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Winter. Now here are my demands: join me in my effort to give felines human traits, and therefore give them a chance to become the dominant species. If you accept, I will give you instincts and abilities that will further my cause. If you decline, well, you’re not exactly in a place to disagree…… 

         The eery wail of a house cat defending his territory reaches you from a distant room; yet it seems louder and more intimidating than a mere tomcat would give…..

**This is where trails are mixed and paths are woven, here is where fate is chosen. **

*Accept Dr. Winter’s Offer

*Reject Dr. Winter’s Offer


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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