Rescue from the Darkness

Shadow of Light     

Your agile muscles crouch and spring off the building like it was nothing. Using your cape as a sail you glide through the night sky;
you aim for the dark alley and let yourself drop.

     You land a few meters away from the gang of young bandits. These guys look tough, like they’ve seen a lot of crime at a young age. They do not know you are still watching in the shadows. Perhaps it’s time to let them know you’re here.

     You step out of the shadows. At your arrival on the scene, the bandits do not notice you. The lead bandit, dressed in a long trench coat and carrying a metal baseball bat, sends two thugs to check you out.

 The thugs wear identical leather jackets with a scarab insignia on the back. One takes out a gun and in the midst of cursing politely asks you to leave.
You do not say anything. In a blur of movement, before the trigger is pulled, you get up close, overpower the thugs and approach the leader.

    The remaining three thugs attempt to bar you from approaching him; with fierce knives they attempt to carve you like a Thanksgiving turkey. You overpower them easily. The leader then seizes the accosted wife and threatens to shoot her. How typical: he acts tough but knows his time is short.

     You cannot use close range combat. Instead you remove from your belt one of five smoke bombs. This one is colored white. You cover your eyes with dark glasses and throw the bomb at the ground. As the glass breaks, a white flare shoots out blinding the gang leader. You quickly move in, disarm the bandit, and with a blow dart make sure he is down for the count. After moving the rescued family to a hospital you quickly return to the top of a building lest they see you when their sight returns.

     More rumors of the mysterious hero will stir over this incident. They will discuss sightings of a figure dressed in shadow who uses light to save those in darkness. Yet without proof the rumors will fade as crime continues.

While the media spreads the word, local crime will rally and increase. New members of organized crime will be enlisted as old members  rise to replace the fallen and disgraced.

       Each night you go out dressed in the same or similar outfit, armed with a wide assortment of weapons and technological devices; by day you return to Dr. Winter’s lab to hibernate. You have no recollection of your past life, of having met Dr. Winter, or about the mystery of the lady statue of the state park. 
     Events are happening that will change the Park and you are made oblivious to them. You continue to live in the superhero fantasy Dr. Winter set up for you. If you cannot be used to his advantage willfully, then you will be forced to live in a distraction. If nothing else, it will keep you from nosing around his territory.

             You have come to a Deluded Fantasy Stalemate. Due to refusing to aid a super intelligent house cat in his quest to rule the Park, you have been brainwashed into believing you are a masked hero. Until someone intervenes and brings you out of your life as a costumed vigilante, you will remain determined to clean up the local mob. Therefore your hike is over.

         But this doesn’t have to be the end. Follow this link to go back.


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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