Rejecting Winter’s Offer

     Remembering Who You Are

        You return to Dr. Winter’s lab after remembering who you are: more important things call to your attention. You tell the feline mad scientist that the suit he has made for you is wonderful, but it is not for you. Dr. Winter acts like he understands completely. “Ok,” he says through the translator in your ears, “You sleep tonight and I’ll undo everything and let you return to the Park tomorrow.”

     You wake up, still in your suit, strapped to the surgical table. Dr. Winter is behind a huge gun which is humming loudly. “I said I would undo everything for you,” he says, “But it may kill you in the process.”

      You begin to believe that the hike may be over even as the cat activates the strange machine by remote control. The machine starts to generate electricity which is aimed at you.

     Unable to move, you begin to think all is lost. Then you realize that the straps which keep you pinned still allow some room to move your hands and wrists. You manage to take out a smoke bomb from your belt; this glass ball the size of a marble might disrupt whatever causes the gun to work. You flick the marble at the gun———–

       Dr. Winter pounces on the marble in mid air. Blue- purple energy beams shoot from the gun, enveloping the white cat. The blast lasts only a moment leaving Dr. Winter on the ground smoking and not moving.

   After a few minutes the transmitter in your ear crackles to life.

       “Subject 134, why did you take advantage of my feline curiosity?!
This machine was untested on house cats…”

      The small white cat in the lab coat starts to laugh maniacally as his physical body suddenly becomes bipedal. The back legs become strong enough to support his frame. To Dr. Winter’s suprise he starts to grow and become more humanoid.

    “Yes, yes, I am a genious. This is what I shall do…”

     Dr. Winter, still changing, releases you from the surgical table. A door opens in one of the walls large enough for you to walk through.  

       “Go now, 134, you are free to leave.”

     You are not sure what you have done or what the mad scientist has in store but you do as instructed. As you exit the lab your suit disintegrates into a fine dust. You manage to breathe in the dust and slowly darkness takes you. 

        You wake up within the Park; it has been raining. The moon is almost full, still bright enough to see the silhouettes of the trees. In addition to the trees, dozens upon dozens of house cats, their eyes visible in the dim light, sit quietly in the mist, waiting for something. 

      Suddenly a large muscular white cat in a tattered lab coat appears. It wears a shiny black collar.

     “Gentlemen it is good of you to come,” says Dr. Winter, “For now is the time for us to fight for dominion beginning with this Park.”

        The other tomcats are critical. “C’mon, Winter, what makes you think we can take on the humans?”

      Dr. Winter seems to smile and then with a flick of his tail towards his collar his form changes to that of a human. A middle-aged man with long white hair and bright green eyes stares back at the crowd of cats.

    “This, gentlemen, is why it is time. With one of these collars you too can become a human. Once we have learned their ways there will be no stopping us from achieving our dominion.”

     Your hero instinct still intact, you begin to oppose this new proposal: “You will never get away with this,” you say, “I’ll report you to the authorities and the one thing you will dominate is the local jail.”

    Dr. Winter and his fellow conspirators only look at you.

“No feline enjoys a betrayer,” says Dr. Winter quietly, “Which is why you must look more carefully at your surroundings, and at yourself, before making such a rash statement.”

    You then realize somehow between when you passed out and when you woke that you have become one of them; a reflection from a nearby puddle reveals a shiny black cat.

      “Besides,” continues Dr. Winter, “What human would believe you?”

           You have come to a place where to return to human form will mean accepting a feline mad scientist’s plan for infiltration of state government to eventually take over the State Park. To refuse is to go against the mob of stray tomcats surrounding you. Eventually you will recieve a collar which will change you back to a human, but until then your hike in the Park is over.

      *You have been turned into a black house cat by a mad scientist and forced to join his conspiracy for feline dominion of the Park.  But this doesn’t have to be the end. 
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Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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