A Rescue Attempt, or Bait for a Trap?

You attempt to rescue the child but he refuses your help. Despite having been kidnapped, carried all over the Park by a suspicious character, and now is tied to a monument statue which is now emiting white fog, he insists that you pursue the villain who kidnapped him.
“Hurry!” says the boy, motioning for you to chase after the mysterious figure who is now running into the Labyrinthine Woods. “He said his master will destroy the Park and they have almost everything they need.”
You untie the ropes and free the boy anyway. Once he is free you use your cell phone to contact the Park authorities; they will be there in two minutes and tell you to wait with the child.
When the Park ranger arrives he looks at the boy and after listening to his story looks at the statue whose fog now washes over the ground knee deep. Though you had walked outside of the fog radius, the mist is spreading fast. Soon it will cover the entire field. The ranger then walks to the statue, finds the key, removes it, and walks back. The fog stops generating. He examines the key.
“This key was hidden in the stone bridge and was guarded by all sorts of traps for a reason,” he says. “I believe the child’s story, especially when I see this key: something’s up. You stay with the boy, I’m going to check something out.”
The ranger speaks something into his radio and starts running toward the Labyrinthine Woods, but he quickly stops in mid-step as something like a dozen trees in the middle of the forest crash loudly. Immediately the earth shakes and rumbles. The ranger then looks to you.
“You most likely do not know what’s coming. But I do. It’s my job as a park ranger to know what goes on in the Park and how to address it. I suggest you take the boy and run to the mansion. Don’t look back. Don’t help me either.”
From out of the shadows of the forest you see an immense black bull. His huge horns glisten and steam comes from his nostrils; riding standing up between the shoulderblades is a pale-skinned woman in a long blue dress. She is about to run down the ranger as he has yet to move but turns to you:
“I said run. Now!”
Your first priority is to return the boy to his mother who supposedly is waiting at the mansion. However, as you watch, you realize the lady bullrider is not alone; behind her, running on the ground, is a man in cycling atire. He has a gun in his hand ready to shoot even as the ranger prepares to take on the bull.

This is the crossroads where paths are woven,
Now is the place of a road newly chosen. **

Run with the Boy to the Mansion

Help the Ranger


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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