Unwelcome Aid

Unwelcome Aid at a Moment’s Notice

You choose to help the Park Ranger. From your pack you take out an airhorn.

The strange lady bullrider is about to run down the ranger, but he looks prepared. At the same time, some meters on the ground, behind the charging bull, is a gunman taking aim.

The ranger jumps at the lady riding the bull. He grabs hold of the horns, flips himself over in an arc, knocking the rider off her steed. The bull continues charging riderless toward the statue where the boy watches helplessly. He also charges toward you.

The lady gets back up and faces the ranger. From your standing point she has an air of arrogance; she draws a hand to her hair and a luminescent blue powder sprays into the ranger’s face, making him rub his eyes. In the distance behind her the gunman fires at the ranger but misses; you see him reloading.

In hopes of stopping the charging bull, and possibly distracting the gunman, you blare the airhorn. The sound can be heard all over the park. It successfully stops the bull in its tracks, but the gunman is not effected. He takes aim and fires: the shot hits the ranger square in the chest.

The ranger, though shot seemingly in the chest, hardly flinches. Rather, he takes from his back a rifle and fires point blank at the lady; a large black net encompasses her. He then fires at the opposing gunman and he too falls to a net.

The park ranger walks back to you. His standard green uniform, now ragged, reveals thick bulletproof armor underneath.

“I told you to take the boy to his mama back at the mansion,” he says sternly.

“It looked like you needed help,” you argue.

“I was able to handle the situation just fine without your boat horn,” says the ranger. “Who knows what it attracted.”

As you are about to go to the mansion with the boy, you look back just in time to see the ranger remove from the lady’s possession a strange yellow book. The book’s spine glimmers in the sunlight as he opens it and she is sucked into the vortex within its pages.

When you finally approach the mansion the boy’s mom is waiting. She runs and hugs the boy; it’s a wonderful reunion— until you see the same woman come out of the mansion. She has a quizzical look on her face. She calls out the boy’s name: “Eric!”

The boy looks up and sees his real mother, but then wonders who is hugging him. You hear strange clicking sounds even as the clothing of the woman embracing the boy closes over him like a sack. The woman who posed as Eric’s mother is now gone: in her place is a hideous creature seemingly made entirely of the same thick green material as the jacket she was wearing moments ago. The creature stands up to his full height and laughs: the boy struggles in the monster’s belly. If the creature is made of a jacket, then it should be a matter of loosening the buttons. You attempt to come closer but then the villain starts to slowly collapse.
“The boy is already halfway in the written prison one enters when opening Do Not Open. Come any closer and I’ll make him disappear completely!”

This is the crossroads where paths are woven,
Now is the place of a road newly chosen. **

*Come Closer



Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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