Come Closer

I’m Fine Where I am, thanks

    I’m warning you, come any closer and the boy ends up in a prison of synonyms, antonyms, and more Latin placeholder text than he can stomach!”

       You step closer despite the monster’s threat. “You’re bluffing,”you say. “You can’t send that boy to the same place as Do Not Open.”

 The monster hops up and down angrily, “I’ll send off the boy, and then swallow you up too.” 

     “I’ll bet you have the boy tied behind you, and you’re bluffing.”

 You manage to keep up this argument with the monster until the ranger suddenly shows up with a shotgun. The ranger fires and a net envelopes the monster. As it kneels in helplessness, you notice an opening in its back; the boy had indeed escaped.

       Several things now happen: the ranger takes the captured monster into the woods for questioning; the boy is seen finally embracing his real mother; and you realize that your reason for going on this adventure has been realized: the boy is no longer kidnapped and is back with his mother. You start to think you can look for those other jewels when the ranger returns; the yellow book is in his hands.

    “Go on home,” he says, “There’s no telling how many more of these creatures escaped from this book, but it’s dangerous for a hiker to be out right now. I suggest you go on home, call it a day.”

 The ranger’s face says he is not making a suggestion, but a command: go home and let the big boys handle the Park’s problems. With the Ranger still watching, you have no choice. You go to your car and drive home. Yet as you exit the gate you are almost certain that you see a white cat in a lab coat scurry across the road.

*You have Exited the Park. The Ranger means well, but he has aided in cutting short your hike by sending you away despite your efforts. But this does not have to be the end.

Take a Detour


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

2 thoughts on “Come Closer”

  1. Isaac, you inspired me to start writing. Thanks. Now you need to write more. Get this book up and running again, or make it as it is, into an E-Book. School will be out, and you have graduated. Go back to the writing, I insist.

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