Spread the Joy

I told you he’s crazy!

You choose to capture the white cat. The white cat in a lab coat casually goes around the corner of the mansion. You already know he is able to use poison darts from a bamboo blow gun he stores in his lab coat. Cautiously you sneak around the corner. No sign of the cat. To your left is a stream that runs along a dug out gully. There is a bridge roughly 200 meters. To your right is the back of the mansion, just a wall of marble stone slabs bonded by mortar. In front of you is a path that leads to the Labyrinthine Forest. It’s a path you have never explored.

There he is. He’s just barely poking his head around the corner of the mansion. You slowly get on one knee and try to coax him to come to you. The lab coat adorned kitty meows and rubs against the wall. You are encouraged by this and continue calling. You clap your hands. The cat rolls on his back and looks at you in his lab coat. You smile and say come on, kitty. The cat meows back at you and then yawns. He starts to purr loudly. You slowly start to come toward him, holding out your hand. The cat sniffs your hand and rubs his furry whiskered cheeks against it. You tell the cat good boy, what a nice kitty. The cat jumps on your shoulders. He licks your neck. You smell rubbing alcohol. A cotton ball soaked in Ethel alcohol rolls off your shoulder, but you don’t notice. The cat jumps down and rolls over on his belly. You rub his tummy. He purrs. You check his lab coat. There is no bamboo blow gun.

Suddenly you feel something sharp hit your neck. You realize too late the friendly cat was just a decoy. Another white cat in a lab coat saunters over from under the bridge and sits, watching you with those venomous green eyes.

Behind the cat you see a mysterious figure. He’s draped in a black beach towel, sitting on his haunches. He hoots like a barred owl. Hoots four times. Hoots four more times, then rolls his Rs.

The imposter cat in the lab coat waits. The real cat in the lab coat turns to the towel figure. You hear him speak.

“Take him.”

The figure unfurls the towel. There is nothing underneath it visible. The fabric grabs hold of you and something sharp pierces the back of your neck. Darkness takes you.

You wake up in a black cave hanging by your feet, high above the ground. But they are no longer feet. Just a corner of a large towel. You have become like the towel figure. It is uncertain anything can change you back. Below you is the feline mad scientist. He speaks through a head set behind a glass.

“Greetings, test subject 112A. I am Dr. Winter. You are part of a greater experiment. The sacrifice of your humanity will aid in my plans for the Park. You are one of many. You are many of one. Crave water. Crave meat. Multiply. Spread the joy.”

The words “spread the joy” resonate in your mind. You hoot in answer. In response to you, other towels echo with hoots. You realize there are literally millions of black towels like you in this room. An opening appears. You must be in the mountains somewhere. It doesn’t matter. The hunt is starting. Your shackles release you. Together as one body, you fly like a bat with the other black beach towels out into the night.

This is a test. You target a small town in the mountains. If this succeeds, then you will be directed to the Park. Survivors will be made into towels like yourself. Your old life, with its worries fade as this new life takes over. As you attack innocent citizens you understand that your humanity has gone. You no longer have the morals and ethics you once had. Your justifications are now lowered to a primitive kill to eat status.

Dr. Winter has changed you into a massive black beach towel. Spread the Joy. You now crave sustenance that only piercing your victims in the back of the neck with your sharp needle-like mouth, located in the middle of your body, and draining their life blood and spinal fluid can give. Spread the joy. But don’t worry, you now have millions of brothers and sisters whose numbers are constantly growing. Hoot hoot.

But you do not have to be a killer towel. Go back and change your future.


Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

One thought on “Spread the Joy”

  1. Isaac, your imagination is wonderful. Your writing has many facets that you have not shown us. I encourage you to write your book, and to keep writing on your blog. It will ignite enthusiasm, and develop your character. It will cause you to write more fluently, because the process of writing demands so much. It demands for you to write with the wisdom you have been given, and then more. Don’t look back. Write and make a difference. Pursue your book daily, and you will find it is finished, and you are working on another one. We are both writers, but you encouraged me to write. Now I encourage you, as you open this blog again. May you succeed in you efforts. Love, Mom.

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