Unexpired Path

You go first, I’ll just stay here.


You choose to continue your hunt for the remaining jewels. Once found, then you can answer the message of the person calling for help in the Labyrinthine Woods. The white cat in a lab coat casually goes around the corner of the mansion. What’s around that corner?

You already know the cat is able to use poison darts from a bamboo blow gun he stores in his lab coat. Cautiously you sneak around the corner. No sign of the cat. It’s worth the risk. To your left is a stream that runs along a dug out gully. There is a bridge roughly 200 meters. To your right is the back of the mansion, just a wall of marble stone slabs bonded by mortar. In front of you is a path that leads to the Labyrinthine Forest. It’s a path you have never explored.

Oh, look, it’s that cat in the lab coat. Never mind him. Cover your neck, maybe he won’t shoot you. You move along toward the bridge. Uh oh. There’s another cat in a white lab coat. You run into the forest even as poison barbs fly all around. Once in the Labyrinthine Woods the barbs are no longer being shot. You turn around. The real white cat in the lab coat watches you but does nothing.



He’s waiting.

The path here has a sense of brooding. You hear rustling in the trees. You keep moving on the trail but it gets darker further inside the woods.

You hear an owl. Another owl answers the first owl’s call. A third, then a forth answer the first owl’s call. You look up expecting to see all these large birds, but instead it’s as if night has come early. The night sky, in this particular section of forest, has no stars. And the sky moves. Like ripples in a pond. Why does the sky move like that?

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Author: Isaac Craft

My name is Isaac Craft. I've got a bachelors in Mass Communications, an Associates in Graphic Design, and I'm an aspiring novelist.

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