Cooling Bread, interlude 

Alas, we’re too late. The dough. It’s completely done. Still hot from the oven. Is there not anything we can still do?

From “Doughmancer 2: the Second Rising”

In the oven, interlude 

Exquisitely crafted, cinnamon-sugar infused cinnamon swirl loaves make a difference in your mortgage plans. 

-from “The Baker’s Guide to Financial Planning” audio book on cassette tape from November 1993

Doughmancer 2: The Second Rising, interlude 

Linda… you know how I get when you run from me. You did not let me finish. There is a second rising. It involves us both. So heat the ovens. I want you to witness this. 

– from the horror audio book “Doughmancer 2: the second rising” on cassette tape and compact disc, November 1996