It’s frozen custard, Interlude! 

It stormed last night. Very peculiar. It rained frozen custard. It’s made a mess of my driveway, I keep hearing bad news about how it effected traffic on the interstate. Yet my neighbor’s kids keep Hollaring about it.

 “I ate so much ice cream it hurts,” they say. 

It isn’t icecream. It’s frozen custard.

—from Grumpy Chef Pablo, famous dessert culinary artist. Television interview, CNN, May 14, 1983.

Healthier school lunch, interlude 

What is this mystery food? I can’t afford to lose. I need better lunch than what is served. Starchy starch nobody deserves.

 I gotta eat. I gotta compete, do good in school. I’m no fool. I wanna make A’s and don’t need haze, give me carrots, not the glaze. 

What’s better for lunch? Broccoli bunch and Steamed squash is what I want.

-from R.G. Steamy Steam-Steam’s “Steamed Vegetables (go healthy)” ca 1991. part of an ad campaign to petition healthier school lunches in the United States. 

Though unsuccessful in the U.S., the ad campaign reached to other parts of the world, who now have healthier lunches. 

Hungry for vegetables, interlude

Complementry col-oring, fresh and piping hot, what better side to go with steak, than vegetables on my plate.

-from Vegetable Steam Fever Forever! the musical about the love for steamed vegetables, soundtrack on cassette tape, 1984, Before Our Time Records, inc.

Inward wrestling, interlude

 The car door remained ajar as I thought it over. She was in my head.  My heart was pierced. I was wrestling inward.

I stared at the house, then at my steering wheel. I made up my mind. The car door shut. The key turned the ignition and the engine came to life. 

I cannot ask you out, I thought, because I know you’ll say no. History says you’ll say no.

–from “Lament of the Paper Towel Man,”  available on cassette tape and CD, Sappy Love Inc, 1988.