Promotion, interlude

Front cover for Napkin Notes, an anthology by The Corner Scribblers writing group.
Cover design by Isaac Craft.
The book is now available on
An anthology from The Corner Scribblers, available now on

Hey, pilgrim .. like science fiction?” says a suspicious guy in a black cowboy hat and duster.

“My whole life is science fiction,” says a passerby, “So is this whole year.”

“Well you’re in luck,” says the cowboy, “Because the books I’m selling are gonna be right up your alley.”

The bystander looks at the books and grunts in approval.

“They make perfect sense,” he says, “I’ll take two of each. My wife needs to read them too.”

—from the play “The Cowboy Salesmen In The Werewolf Apocalypse” by renown playwright Frederick “Fransgrim” Cheese-Omelette-Bacons, written in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Mr. Cheese-Omelette-Bacons has since sold the work online to Undead Marching Saloon Publishing.

Golden Age of Piracy, interlude

I have the education and tools for graphic design, but so does an increasing number of individuals in the area. My best days are when I help the people I know with design solutions. The worst days are when I can compare my field to the Golden Age of Piracy. Since my graduation from college its been so full of competition that it’s been high seas adventure on dry land, and that was just before the recession of ‘08.

—from Walter “Thorns“ Jones-Douglas’ book, How to Get a Job When the Dinosaurs Return. Flourishing Pumpkin Vine Publishers, Topeka, KS, 2017.

Second anthology, interlude

Ring ring.


“Heeey. Do you like going to conventions?”

“Uhh, yeah ok.”

“Do you like science fiction?”

“I think so. Hey I’m in quarantine, can’t go out side.”

“Then have I got the book for you.”

“Who is this?”

“I wrote a story. It’s been published in an anthology. You know what is?”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“The story is only 500 words.”

“Say what?”

“500 words. Not so long, is it?”

“Well no, guess not.”

“Would you like to read what I wrote?”

“Well if it’s just 500 words..”

“My story is. The book itself is 100 pages and full of other author’s works similar to mine.”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

“No. Tomorrow may not come. Read it today?”

“Alright, I’ll read it. Just go away and let me sleep.”

“Too late. I’ve ordered it for you.”

“Wait, what?”

“The book is on its way to your door now.”

“How do you know where I live?”

“Look out the window.”

“I don’t see anyone.”

“Well I’m not there…”

“But I see something. What is that, a white cat in a lab coat?!”

“Not sure who that is.. I’m just calling to tell you about my book.”

Broccoli Teeth Song, interlude

“Everybody’s challenged to a trend that’s hip,

Put a thin stalk of broccoli between your lip.

When you got the blues from quarantine, it’s the cool way to eat you’re greens, do the broccoli teeth.. yeah do the broccoli teeth..

Yeah it’s the fake teeth that’s made to amuse, get some laughs, and gain some views, yeah do the broccoli teeth.. when you got the blues from quarantine, it’s the cool way the eat your greens!

Audio Book, interlude

Now in the chaos of the second month of 2020, we now offer the perfect gift. We like to think of it as a present that Old Saint Nick tucked away in such a place that everyone forgot was there, until at an unexpected time, and then in magnanimous surprise discovered that he didn’t forget.