Inward wrestling, interlude

 The car door remained ajar as I thought it over. She was in my head.  My heart was pierced. I was wrestling inward.

I stared at the house, then at my steering wheel. I made up my mind. The car door shut. The key turned the ignition and the engine came to life. 

I cannot ask you out, I thought, because I know you’ll say no. History says you’ll say no.

–from “Lament of the Paper Towel Man,”  available on cassette tape and CD, Sappy Love Inc, 1988.

Monumental Luxury, interlude 

It’s what you think about before bed. What visits you in your most benevolent of dreams, but cannot be caught. In the darkest corner and in the sunniest of hilltops, you want to say it, on the tip of your tongue, elusive to all— except to those who are driven to pursue it with a cup of hot tea: Luxury.

-from an ad in “Culinary Golden Rectangle” magazine, May 1988, advertising “Luxurious Golden Oatmeal brand oatmeal cookies, now 25% bigger.”

Cover-up, interlude 

In plastic cavities we place hot melted chocolate candy coating. Then we freeze it to harden. Then we place the caramel and cover that with more chocolate. Then we freeze that. You gotta see the finished product. It’s beautiful and nobody will question what we did with the caramel.

– from a secret tape recording between known caramel thieves, estimated date October 6, 1986