May, interlude 

She could’ve been a model

Self aware of her own beauty 

The queen bee, everyone knew it

Despite her faults all others faded 

In the eyes of the boy who liked her

—from “Song of the Drone” written by Clyde Tynerbroth, Reunen Records, 1978


The latest trend, interlude

The latest trend in fashion is cat styling. Colleges are now offering classes to upscale boutiques to train house cats how to style hair of human clients, especially the rich and famous.

“I admit, this isn’t for everyone, just those who want to look hip,” says fashion guru Jared Stanleyman, who also says that the idea came to him in a dream.

But how long will it last before barbers are put out of business in exchange for the cuddly felines?

–from an article in Plastic Cutlery Jacket Magazine, or PCJM,
June Issue 2011