Concerning anti-firearms supporters, interlude

..So. Excuse me, I’m eating and not my usual self, let me get this straight, tell me again. When you want all guns banned….You’re basically suggesting that gun owners all go learn unarmed combat, in such a way that they can disarm people who are armed? …I enjoy action movies like the next guy, but how realistic is this statement?

—from “Nonviolent Philosophy of the Little Frog on My Window” by Ray Jenkins-Tuesday, P. h. d. Ca. May 1991.

The short story was a thin coverup for anti-gun activists views. It was widely popular/controversial in its time and even influenced gun laws in sixteen states.

In an ironic twist, Dr. Jenkins-Tuesday later changed his views of gun ownership when his young son was killed by an armed assailant during a home invasion incident.

Pumpkin Cheesecake, interlude

Pumpkin Pie got angry

and turned into a monstrosity

twice its normal size

and put on armor

made from brown sugar,

butter and walnuts.

Rainy Wednesday, interlude

I’ve had a cold since at least Saturday, starting with a frog in my throat, and have been fighting the symptoms with vitamin C.

A slice of lemon and honey in green tea have been my constant friends, when I can remember them.

Yesterday was my last day to volunteer for the Tennessee Republican Party. I had a cold, but chose to go anyway.

At the store I bought a non-drowsy cold medicine, but still had to deal with brain fog.

The day went by rather fast with little problem, other than my bladder giving me a hard time.

Bladder has been intimate friends with my nerves since I started volunteering back in September.

The young man who is more or less in charge of volunteers will go back to his home in Colorado on Thursday, since Midterms are over.

I was supposed to help by phone banking until California until 11 p.m. e.s.t. but it didn’t happen.

—from an interview with Ctfarc Isaacson on November 7, 2018.

Busy, interlude

I’m busy on Mondays and weekends since volunteering has taken up those days that used to be my free time, used for writing/ watching shows via computer.

Tuesday has become reserved for baking Cheesecake for Wednesday.

It seems Thursday is the only real time I have to write my novel, which has taken a back seat for activities that supposedly are more important and will get me a job.

–from an interview with an anonymous author about the struggles of writing and real life.

Recorded February 14, 1988.

Sunburst Coffee Cake, interlude

We take a coffee cake recipe from 1974 and, using today’s cooking methods, make it for people in 2018.

The majority of the people who eat the coffee cake won’t know it’s from 1974. I’m betting those who were around back then won’t know either.

It’s a beautiful plan, friend. Time won’t know it’s getting stolen, a wonderful paradox.

–from a secret phone conversation between known time thieves, looking to steal paradoxical fragments from the year 1974.

Hot pepper relish, interlude

I’ve been crying about this pepper relish for the last hour. How it burns! I also used too much white wine vinegar.

–from Charlie Potato-Butter, who found a way to use the hot peppers from his mother’s garden.

The recipe is here:

Dear Rubiescorner, interlude

Dear Ruby @,

My name is Madison Berger-Henry-Joones, P.H.d and I represent a Mr. J.B. Basketweaver-Freuffleton. My client is an admirer of your writing and has paid me considerable amounts of money to request that I send a letter concerning a matter of utmost importance concerning how you are conducting your blogs, and

Both blogs, though insightful and entertaining, are being sent to the wrong address via Facebook. Therefore my client Mr. Basketweaver-Freuffleton requests that you please edit where the blog posts are being shared so they go to your own account. The request is made not because he is offended, but so you can take the credit for your own work.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply.


Madison Berger-Henry-Joones, p.h.d.

— from a letter addressed to my mother on June 25, 2018. The recipients of the letter, and their lawyers, have since made an about-face and are now following her blog,



Response to anger, interlude

..When the friends of your friends on Facebook, who don’t know you and are not going to listen or agree with what you wrote, give a response that would scald a dog, what do you do?..

..When I get a cutting response, at least ten immediate answers go through my mind. Had I been younger I would have said something crazy, but now I’m more hesitant..

..Now instead I think about it and don’t say anything. I’m not sure if it’s a wise choice or not, but I was brought up to treat people how I’d like to be treated.

–from John E. Sloth-Whittaker-June, author of “Responding to Angry Facebook: How not to hold a grudge.” Published on June, 2013.

Contrary to his advice, Mr. Sloth-Whittaker-June had a tendency to do just what he advised not to do.

Rumor has it he would make people on social media incensed on purpose, and then wrote down their responses to be written and later published in his book.

When asked about it in a Twitter response, Mr. Sloth-Whittaker-June angrily denied the claim.

Lemon Custard, interlude


Pie will fool you. About halfway through baking, it’ll tell you all these shenanigans about how we’re ready. Hey, we’re boiling over, or we’re gonna over-brown, better check the oven—-

..Look, it’s hot in there, the pie doesn’t like it, and knows since you made it you’ll give it some slack. The best love for pie is leave it in the oven the whole time it’s supposed to be in the oven..

When it’s really done, the pie will have a different tune then what it had halfway. It’ll be more honest..

–from a seminar entitled “How to be a better Pie Parent: Becoming a Better Baker with Tough Love,” by Renowned Baker Jeff “Porker” Charles-McTabby. Recorded live at a professional culinary expo in Charleston, SC, August 1985.

Mr. Charles-McTabby has since written a book on the subject.