Insurmountable Odds, Interlude


In a rush, the flaming portal closed with finality. Whartleburg was where he needed to be. Though June and her son Eddy wanted to go with him, Whartleburg knew they would only get in the way. Indeed even as he thought about his charges back on earth, in another dimension, the storm was brewing.

This would be the fight Whartleburg had been moving toward. He would do his best, he would push through. And when the dust settled, in a granite tower waited Salyria, his fiance. She had been waiting for him, should never have been waiting, but the Spider King Ahab wanted her. He could not be told no, and to keep her safe locked her up in frozen isolation, so no one could harm her. Whartleburg was the only opposition who had lasted this long. Though he too was caught and banished to an unknown dimension, thanks to Eddy and June here he was again.

From afar could be felt the presence of Spider King Ahab driving forward his armies. First send in the weaker thugs to wear him down, next the tougher ones, then the champions. And should he succeed still, well we’ll just see what happens next. His Arachness Spider King Ahab will not get up unless he must.

In came the bikers, whooping and hollering. Whartleburg brandished his twin giant axes and bared his mandibles. Suddenly something overshadowed him. What’s this? A pincer attack! From behind were more bikers. Among them was a great hulking guy whirling around his head heavy chains.

“This is the end, Whartleburg!” shouted the great biker.

Whartleburg threw his twin axes and looked at the big man.

“What goes around comes around. That includes razor sharp spinning axe blades.”

Excerpt from “Enzectozoid Chronicles: The Legacy of Whartleburg the Whalloper” from the curiously long book of short stories, I am lettuce, who are you?

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A message from Dr. Winter



In your absence I have not been idle. I’m having no difficulty recruiting new test subjects. It’s an task when people underestimate you.

While I’m stuck as a white feline, know that I’m still a genius intellect. People refuse to accept that. They still treat me like an adorable ball of white fluff!

They say, “Aw, what a cute kitty! And he’s dressed in his own tiny lab coat!”

Then before they know it, they’re wearing a cat suit and chasing mice. I cannot stand playing the role of the friendly cat. Until you can think of new ideas for this blog, and include me in them, I will be waiting.


Dr. Winter



The Marb and the Moonlight Fettre also want attention.

P.P. S.,

As if The Marb can beat me, that overgrown orange, saber-fore-pawed, fur ball and his army of organic weirdos!

P. P. P. S.,

You’ve been calling me “Dr. White” the past few blog posts. Seriously it doesn’t take a genius to look at the previous posts and understand my name is Winter. Winter!