Comic, interlude

–from the comic “Butchy.”

  • Characters in this panel are Butchy, a Staffordshire Terrier with an unusual, patient temperament and a high intelligence. He loves people, puts up with cats, but other dogs get on his nerves. Butchy believes the world centers around himself.
  • Rocky is an older black cat who, though extremely smart, believes he’s a vampire. He is forced to put up with other cats who have come along over the years and just wants everything back when he was the only cat.

77, interlude

..Seventy-seven cats sat on a row of seventy-seven fences, which were in the yards of seventy-seven houses, a mile away from interstate route seventy-seven, where seventy-seven cars all travel in an unexplainable road rage to get to seventy-seven different locations, seven of whom own homes whose property has a fence on which sits one of seventy-seven cats.

–from “Big Number Nursery Rhymes!” the musical, produced and directed by F. R. Ed Turning-Young.

Mr. Turning-Young, in an ironic twist, happens to turn 77 today.

Up late, interlude

Live from Chattanooga, TN, it’s “Up Late with Tiger-do!” Featuring everyone’s favorite spoiled, obnoxious house cat who thinks he’s a night owl, Tiger-do-kitty!

–the writer for the show was fired a day later, as it turns out Tiger-do peed on his shoes an hour before the show went on air.

Air date June 6, 2009, Orange Kirkland Studio Productions Inc.

White Cats, interlude

..When I was young, my grandfather never liked cats. He didn’t mind me having a dog though. But I was more fond of cats. I asked him one day why he felt the way he did.

“…Because dogs keep the mad scientists away,” he said.

..It took a few minutes to get him to explain what he said…

“..When I was young, I thought I could go into the state park at night. I didn’t fear the dark, didn’t know the danger that stalks…

“You’ll never see the white fur which seems to glow in the dark, or the eyes that reflect your flashlight,” he said, “You will hear neither the purring that comes down from his perch, nor smell the ammonia stench of his white lab coat flowing.. You won’t feel the prick of the blow dart or be aware of where you land…

“You won’t recall the taste of dead leaves upon hitting the ground, or see Dr.Winter, the large green eyes, watching and making his plans…

“So don’t find yourself in his laboratory. Be careful when you venture at night. Always be watching the trees. For you don’t know when Dr. Winter is watching. Be careful when you hear the breeze…

“He’s always looking for new test subjects, he watches, waits for the unwary…

“So get a dog, get a dog, grandson, and keep Dr. Winter at bay.”

–from “The White Cat of the Labyrinthine Woods” by Tyger G. Caterwauling, Summer Sunny Squashmare Publishers, Topeka, Kansas 1985.

He’s Eating, interlude!

…He finally eats solid food as of today at 4p.m. He hasn’t eaten anything solid since Saturday. I’m gonna keep hoping he’ll survive beyond this month.

–from “Amazing Veterinary Stories in Feline Culinary Artist Magazine,” January 2018.

Poor Cat, interlude

…Two weeks ago he was fine. Ate like a horse, then wanted outside, then came back on his own. Just like a dog. He even has the same markings as my dog.

Now look at him. He no longer has an appetite but drinks often. Like a fish. Chronic heart failure the vets say. They’ve done all they can.

I’m giving him medicine three times a day and chicken broth with a syringe twice every hour. He just lays there on his pee pad with a towel underneath. He’s a mess.

I’ve taken him outside and he perks up then. He tries to retrace his old haunts, then runs outta steam and lays down. Either he’s out of breath and wheezing or the boughs above are creaking.

He gets back up to the place where I cannot follow, a small opening in the fence, to the neighbors yard, and that’s where I intervene. I carry him back inside to feed him more broth. I can tell he pouts.

–from “The Twilight of Mr. Missouri” available on compact disc and mp3. Ca 2005, Calico-Fluffypants Records, Inc.

The latest trend, interlude

The latest trend in fashion is cat styling. Colleges are now offering classes to upscale boutiques to train house cats how to style hair of human clients, especially the rich and famous.

“I admit, this isn’t for everyone, just those who want to look hip,” says fashion guru Jared Stanleyman, who also says that the idea came to him in a dream.

But how long will it last before barbers are put out of business in exchange for the cuddly felines?

–from an article in Plastic Cutlery Jacket Magazine, or PCJM,
June Issue 2011