Loud Motorbikes, interlude

According to research on reddit, loud crotch rockets are a product of either modifying post purchase or removing the muffler, either a selfish ego motive or a self preservation, “loud motors save lives” philosophy, right up there with “bright LED headlights at all times save lives.”

Therefore, since I gotta deal with the issue of loud motorists at home at ungodly hours, I’ve come up with this:

“Loud motors save lives!”


Or the ego reason:

“Hey look at me. Hey! You’re not looking.”

–from a tired old guy who was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud motorist at a traffic stop near his house. Recorded on June 18, 2017.

Crude Noisemaker, interlude

It’s our noisiest little motorcycle engine ever. Guaranteed to annoy the neighbors who, of all things, shouldn’t be sleeping at 1:53a.m.

–from an ad for One_A_M Alarm Cycles in “Insomnia & Motorcycle Weekly, April 2018 issue.