Thoughts on the Superbowl, interlude

..So let me get this straight. The contenders to the Superbowl are either blind, triangular-faced men who wear fiery hats, or disembodied bird heads?

Well isn’t it obvious? The former will win, hands down. And talking about disembodied birds is making me hungry.

–From American sports writer and critic Charlie “Bear” Helmet-Wilderbeast, Sunday January 14th, 2018.

After he lost 90% of his earnings from his bet on the Patriots, Mr. Helmet-Wilderbeast had to write a retraction to apologize for his statement on January 14.

Peninsula Interlude


It was our last day on the Island of Genoise. Many of our crew spent their time playing European football, but I chose to sit and watch the sun go down as it turned the waters crimson. From my view, I could see the eastern peninsula surrounded by red ocean. Suddenly, the waters were quickly absorbed by the snow capped peninsula. I was relieved when told it was a natural phenomenon for the island….

Quote from the book of short stories, ” I am lettuce, who are you?”