Biscuit Bears, interlude

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. To rule the world you have to have the right recipe for biscuit roulade.

-from “Winners make Biscuit Roulade,” on cassette tape, October 1987

Biscuit base, interlude

If the whole world could be rolled up inside a flat sponge cake like this one, I would make it so without remorse.

-Culinary Arts Practioner’s Recipe Books on cassette tape, ca. October, 1984

Peninsula Interlude


It was our last day on the Island of Genoise. Many of our crew spent their time playing European football, but I chose to sit and watch the sun go down as it turned the waters crimson. From my view, I could see the eastern peninsula surrounded by red ocean. Suddenly, the waters were quickly absorbed by the snow capped peninsula. I was relieved when told it was a natural phenomenon for the island….

Quote from the book of short stories, ” I am lettuce, who are you?”