Response to anger, interlude

..When the friends of your friends on Facebook, who don’t know you and are not going to listen or agree with what you wrote, give a response that would scald a dog, what do you do?..

..When I get a cutting response, at least ten immediate answers go through my mind. Had I been younger I would have said something crazy, but now I’m more hesitant..

..Now instead I think about it and don’t say anything. I’m not sure if it’s a wise choice or not, but I was brought up to treat people how I’d like to be treated.

–from John E. Sloth-Whittaker-June, author of “Responding to Angry Facebook: How not to hold a grudge.” Published on June, 2013.

Contrary to his advice, Mr. Sloth-Whittaker-June had a tendency to do just what he advised not to do.

Rumor has it he would make people on social media incensed on purpose, and then wrote down their responses to be written and later published in his book.

When asked about it in a Twitter response, Mr. Sloth-Whittaker-June angrily denied the claim.