In the past, I was insistent that this blog be a choose-your-own-adventure [CYOA].
It was about a hiker in a state park and all that is encountered, complete with interconnected with colored links like this one.

It is advised to start from the beginning;
otherwise this blog will not make sense.
For more info about the blog go here.To start go here.

Currently the author has “closed the Park” [i.e. so far no new additions. For all those who are left hanging and must know what happens, all I can say is have patience. If that doesn’t work, I suggest you ask nicely]. Until the Park reopens, all the blog entries will have “interlude” in the title.

He’s just having too much fun writing “excerpts” from various “books.” So far the number of people who read this blog like the “excerpts” too. Therefore, for now at least, the “excerpts” will continue to be written here. The author says he uses quotations for “excerpts” because they are not from any real story. And because he’s having way too much fun putting quotations on words that should not use quotations.

Sincerely, Isaac Craft


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